Friday, April 1

  1. Thank God that I'm not subjected to honour killings. (Mum ain't gonna kill if she finds out that I've got a unnatural predilection for Spongebob or Vincent van Gogh for that matter)

  2. Nor circumcision rituals. (ew ew ew)

  3. The trees outside the classrooms are beginning to resemble those in Narnia. Nice.

  4. Freda ain't a bra burning feminist.

  5. I hadn't been caught by Petrina when I ate several pieces of chocolates during lesson time.
  6. While being blunt is my greatest flaw it doesn't seem too fatal these days.

  7. My friends remember the debts they owe me, but forget the debts I owe them easily.

  8. Mrs Selvam decides to pass a mysterious CCA workload to Steffi instead of me. (I think my oh-mrs-selvam-please-not-me expression helped.)

  9. Thank God He does not answer all my prayers. I wish I may I wish I might I wish on the brightest star Tonight that Mr W. Tan will vanish from my sight!

  10. I'm enjoying every bit of my AEP O level project [chinese + me]. Though I can't stand Mr Tan gushing at the crap I'm doing.
  11. Kelsey forgotten to blow into my ears as a form of greeting this week.

happy happy happy! Last but not least, WE WON THE NOVELTY RACE DURING SPORTS DAY!


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