Sunday, September 7

attempt to resuscitate this blog

this week I am, of course, grateful for friends.

but yesterday, I was particularly grateful to the driver of the last bus 36 from changi airport to the city, for being late, because otherwise i might have had to spend $717461283832 on a cab home.

also for a half-packet of muruku ikan, which i hastily finished in my oh-my-God argh-ness when i thought i'd missed the last train and bus to anywhere near home.

also to Clement who offered to give a ride home. it's ok man. have fun you kids.

also to Yvonne for the sms(es) at that particular time. it didn't matter what the content was, i just needed to feel less alone than I did at the time.


Blogger su said...

there is more muruku ikan at my home... unless my mom has finished it all.

Wed Sep 24, 07:04:00 AM  

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