Sunday, April 3

another seven

First of all I am grateful for the Pope who had been with us for 20+ years. He is a real inspiration. If only he could have fixed the barrier between Catholic and non-Catholic Christian churches though.

I'm grateful for my class, teachers, and practically the whole school for constantly reminding me that mid years are only about 3 weeks away. haha i'm not trying to be sarcastic, it really helps to push me along sometimes.

I'm grateful for my grandmother for just being there.

I'm grateful for my brother because he is living proof that however bad the situation is, there is always someone stupider than me.

I'm grateful for Denise and her constant attempts to annoy me, because even though I will never say it to her face, her pointing out of all the Brother advertisements in Singapore kinda cheers me up sometimes. (...only sometimes. the other times..)

I'm grateful for just being able to wake up everyday. Life is really wonderful. :) I guess I must always remember this before I let myself get worked up over little things, or get annoyed, etc etc.

Last but definitely not least I am very very grateful for all my friends who have been putting up with me for so long. I know I can be unbearable sometimes, haha. But thanks for sticking by me anyway, and giving me another chance everyday. I screw up a lot, I wish I don't, but just remember that for every wrong thing I do to you I feel the guilt and regret at the end of the day, everyday. I try not to make mistakes again, cos I know it must be tiring to keep on forgiving, but I hope I will always get a second chance. :S

Yup. that's all for last week. (I have a good reason for posting this late!)


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