Saturday, January 21

Gratitude in Chicken Pox

My current (and most newly acquired) occupation now is to look like the inverse of a moon. Instead of craters i have, well, lumps. quite disgusting really. but there is always a plus side to things. Even chicken pox.

1. i don't have to go to school, and worry if the others will like me. because they will confirm don't like me if i come to school.

2.there's debby travis at 12.

3.there's the new com with my stupid neighbours wireless connection, which he/she hasn't secured so anyone can tap into it.

4.DJ seb is back.haha.

5. i have two books i have yet to finish reading.

so you see, voluntary exile is not that bad. i'll never run out of things to do. as long as all you lazy buggers update your blogs regularly.


Blogger mikegonzo5259056948 said...

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Thu Feb 02, 05:12:00 PM  
Blogger suhui said...

dear gonzo (rhymes with bozo). my blog is not at all inquisitive and that was a disgusting attempt at trying to con me. really. i think you should actually READ this blog before you use this crappy message. so there.

Sat Feb 11, 12:22:00 AM  

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