Monday, October 23

Church Saturday

Me: "This is the first time I noticed people praying to the fountain."
Deb: "They're praying to the statue (of Mary)"
Me: "Oh. Makes sense."

Church was good. When I went to church on Saturday it felt good because it felt like I was returning home, and like I was forgiven for all my bad thoughts these months, and the thought that God knows what's going on in my head and heart without me trying to put it into words eases me. There is a peace very deep inside, and from it stems happiness. Plus, it also feels good to see a big crowd going to church, because you know there are people who care about others, and the people they love, and sharing the love. Just like God. There is hope yet, isn't there? :D

So there are things I am thankful for, besides the Love of God as usual.
1. Church mass
2. Novita and Debby for company
3. Congregation


Anonymous deb said...

yes, definitely, i dont think i have ever been more thankful for church than now.

Fri Oct 27, 12:17:00 AM  

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