Wednesday, September 24


ok debby. i'm still alive. and for that i am thankful. :D it's not as general as you think. I am living in a city where the drivers are crazy and the wind is so freaking cold. It's a wonder i haven't surrendered. And every day I am here, I am grateful because everyone's prayers must be working!


Anonymous deb said...

ok ok. glad you're alive :) good luck with the crazy londoners although, as a bossy OG mate of mine used to say, (at any zebra/traffic light crossing) "it's your right to the road!" and by now (or soon) you'd know what legal recourse you have in the event you do become victim (touchwood).

as for the winds, try to imagine that you're indoors and cool while everyone else is in sweltering hot sun.

Sat Oct 04, 09:08:00 AM  

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