Wednesday, April 7

Things I'd Never Say Anymore


Recently a close friend accused me of not loving her. I got so angry that I wanted to list down the reasons why she was so wrong about it. I wanted to list down all the stuff I did for her on a regular basis, ongoing stuff and sacrifices that SHE KNOWS about. Stuff that stamps "I love you" all over the place. And yes, the number of times I actually SAID the 3 words to her.

But of course, I didn't since I was simply so shocked that I didn't even know where to begin refuting something as dumb as why monkeys can't churn out shakespeare works even if they banged at the keyboard for infinity.

It would have really sucked if not for the fact that MY love for her was not based on HER love for me or HER knowledge of MY love for her. So in other words, my love wasn't contingent on HER.

Okay the point.

The point is, I myself have accused people of not loving me out of spite or when I feel neglected and the other party doesn't seem to want to give me MORE attention for very good reasons. And now that I've been the target of such an accusation, I don't think I would want to say that to anyone anymore whether it is true or not.

Because if it is true that the person does love me, I would be ungrateful to say otherwise. And if the person does not love me, telling the person that would not change anything.

Afterall what really matters is that when all the fleeting feelings simmer and die down, love, responsibility and commitment kicks in and keeps the relationship going.

Now that is TRUE love. Thank you God for Your love.


Anonymous deb said...

eh where did this post suddenly appear. lol. i didnt see it before hahaha

but this is very true. i shall not be needy anymore.

Sun Apr 18, 09:38:00 PM  

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