Saturday, April 9

10 reasons why Life sucks:
  1. Prince Charming might be a thalassemia minor too.
  2. You happen to be the most enthusiastic person in school when the teachers ask for volunteers to be buskers, until you realise you have absolutely no talents of any sort.
  3. Your math teacher found out that you are mentally unstable.
  4. Your classmates found out that the teacher is quite right.
  5. With your current results, you got a nasty feeling that ITE might not have a space for you.
  6. The class depends on you to clean the whiteboard, remind/switch off/on the lights during chinese class, pull down the screen and set up the OHP. (and when you don't they wonder why. like hello. im very comfortable not moving too thank you very much)
  7. Your sister claims that you resemble Ken Lim. [Photo]
  8. You found out that your art teacher actually feels terrible about what is happening to the class and you got the all-too-familar feeling of gulit.
  9. You argue with the person behind you almost everyday whether Ryan Seacrest suck. (no, actually I enjoy these kind of "small talk" with mavis. LOL)
  10. You just suck.

2 reasons why Life still rocks:
  1. Things that can be changed, can be changed.
  2. Things that can't be change, will still change one day. (for the better or for the worse, you should know.)


Anonymous deb said...

heh. if i dont sleep so much during chem maybe i can help with the turning on/off lights thing.

Sat Apr 09, 11:42:00 PM  

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