Wednesday, November 1

The job with no thanks.

Sometimes I wonder if I am too harsh on myself. The kinds of things I think to make myself feel bad, really makes me feel bad (both sides, the side that is scolding and the side that is being scolded).

Then I see the email. I got into the Model United Nations.

Then I see the progress report. Imagine 100th percentile for GP, Lit and History (OK history was a farce, because EVERYONE is bad at histor, so I am a small fish in a very small pond). That's being scary, and being a total freak, but because there's a book voucher (hopefully) I'm not complaining.

Then I decide I probably should be hard on myself. I become thankful towards myself, if that is even possible.


Anonymous deb said...

hey, congrats! though i cant remember what its abt already, cos you take part in so many of this sort of thing, lol. sorry. =P good job with the progress too and stuff. =)

Sat Nov 04, 11:32:00 AM  

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