Tuesday, April 24

a little late, but

last thursday, njc guitar ensemble was awarded a Gold With Honours in the syf central judging, a very prestigious award which has not been in the legacy of our cca for 30+ years. but after 8 and a half gruelling months, we did it.

but we couldn't have done it, without

our teachers: ms ng, ms masnidah - for their unending guidance and encouragement
our wonderful instructor: mr toh - for unwavering faith in us
our conductor: tina - for her inspiring musical direction
our president: schezn - who has been a wonderful pillar of support for everyone, despite all the rough times
all the members, especially fellow excos: for the determination, the enthusiasm, and the commitment
friends: brudders, classmates, schoolmates for all the encouragement and good luck's

and finally, most importantly, we couldn't have done it without God's blessing.

it was one day when I felt so truly blessed that i cant even begin to describe it. everything took place as though according to an invisible plan.

thank You, God, thank you, everyone, for making the effort worthwhile.


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