Tuesday, January 13

kindof long

hmm haven't posted in a long time. i think due to a combination of 1)couldn't log in for some reason, 2)too lazy, 3)couldn't think of anything to write. but actually (3) is especially a lousy excuse, because i think i do have a lot to be grateful for. 

1. I did decently last sem. which meant that prayers worked.
2. I had a good holiday. in fact i didnt want it to end. :( hahaha. 
3. Other people who forced me out of my comfort zone, even if it was just a tinny little step, even if things aren't really much different. First Dwayne for the little holiday cip, then LSIRC for making me co-organise the party (though i didnt do much hehh), then Na'imah for persuading me to go on the HK trip. 
4. HK trip. wonderful wonderful place, and the thrill of travelling in general... i think my eyes were opened just a fraction, about a lot of things. its always like that when you travel with people, i think.
5. a good first day of school. yes that sums it up. i was dreading it so much that i was thankful for a good first day back. second day wasn't as good but i won't complain..
6. and then there's friends like you guys. su, talking to you online warms my heart every time. :) von, am so grateful for a friend like you, doing that video especially was one of the funnest things i did over the hols. :)

in truth i think i havent been posting much because often im too anxious about things to be thankful. but now i think i dont necessarily have to be self-contented to be grateful for whatever blessings that i do have.


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