Saturday, January 10


I can't remember if I did write that article. I think I did, or at least after reading the article I can totally imagine the 19 year old Yvonne writing that.

But honestly, I can't be sure. I checked my email and found out that I didn't send anything on the 27th Feb 2008. So, I really, really don't know.

Its really not that an obvious case when you consider the fact that every part of my name screams commoness: Tan is a common surname. Yvonne is a common name. And Hui Ling is even more common than 3 leaf clovers.

Yes I know that the probability of having the exact same string of names becomes lower, but here is a scary statistic: the number of THLY who joins community club programmes alone hovers at around six.

I think there should be at least 20 odd THLY in Singapore. So wouldn't you agree that it could be any one of them?

In any case if that pod of nonsense was really written by me, then I would congratulate myself for finally growing up in just months.

AHhh. I am finally ready to be 20.


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