Saturday, October 25

Go Clean Green!

My mum went to Ang Mo Kio Hub today and bought a Japanese Cleaner which uses no electricity and yet works better than an ordinary broom.

My dad doesn't like it since his Tyson Vaccum Cleaner is still the best in the world.

But nevertheless, it is very handy when there's stuff on the floor and don't want to dirty your butt when you sit on it.

I'll also bet that its lifespan is much longer than normal handheld vaccum cleaners, which we no longer buy since they spoil within months of purchase.

So a big Thank You to whoever invented the cleaner. You improved my domestic life!

I did this video enitrely on my Samsung phone and not on some posh Mac, so pardon the bad quality. It looked fine, but seems to be quite jerky on blogger huh? The first part shows that the cleaner can't pick up this huge wrapper on the floor and the second part shows how it pick up bits of newspapers easily.

Credits to:

Shawn Johnson, the world's top gymnast, and my favourite sportswoman in Beijing Olympics. I took that photo direct from TV. It is not mine. I repeat, NOT MINE.

Mum, the best vaccum cleaner model ever,

The main character in the video -- The Cleaner! and last but not least, my Samsung phone which did all the hard work. (Sorry phone, I must have caused you undue stress since you seemed a little slow just now.)


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