Sunday, October 19

3 things

"...if there are no questions, then you are all now experts on international law.... or at least, for the purpose of the next assignment."

this week, or past 3 weeks rather, i'm grateful for Professor Robert C Beckman. I think good teachers are hard to find. First a good teacher should be able to show you a glimpse of knowledge and ideas you've never seen before. That's usually not hard since teachers naturally have higher education qualifications than students. but then a good teacher should also be able to communicate those things to you in a way that is inspiring & engaging. that's difficult. so I thank prof beckman for shedding some light on the reasons behind the things that go on in the world, and always with that twinkle in his eye that makes me feel like nothing is really as serious as it seems.

am also thankful to God, for continually blessing me with good things although more often than not I behave like a complete ass to everyone and skip church and then try to justify it by telling people that im just a bad catholic. (which i am.)

and thankful for Yvonne and the phone conversation this week. just, thank you :)


Blogger Yvonne said...

yea baby. sounds like he is a twinkily guy unlike a lot of tv lawyers. hahahaha. sorry.

Fri Oct 24, 11:54:00 AM  

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