Saturday, October 11

Repent Now Before Its Too Late!




Did you know that if you do not brush your teeth and floss it regularly, you are at a risk of contracting DISEASES, such as dental cavities, gum disease, WHICH COULD JOLLY WELL LEAD TO DEATH?!

What? You thought that I was going to write about the repentance of sins?

Haha. This entry is all about how thankful I am for my healthy, nice set of teeth and the fact that I have free access to good toothbrushes, minty toothpaste and floss.

Well you see for this past week, I've been experiencing this prolonged pain in my right lower jaw whenever I drink cold water. You might think that it is sensitive teeth that I am suffering from, but it was quite unlikely as only a specific area in my lower jaw hurts. Naturally I was quite worried as such pain usually indicate that whatever is happening to my teeth was already quite serious.

And that could mean that I would lose my tooth, or worse still my teeth! Already I had 4 teeth pulled out just so I can wear braces, so losing one or more means...
  • Ugly

  • Food getting stuck in the gaps

  • Ugly

  • Unable to enjoy food as much

  • Ugly

  • Pain! :(
I started crying.

Like non stop.

For two days before I managed to book an appointment and see a specialist, who told me I was just suffering a mild form of gum infection and gave me some antibiotics to take.


You can imagine how happy the dentist and I were.

But from now on, I decided that in order to show real thankfulness, I want to take certain proactive steps to keep my teeth in excellent condition as long as possible.

1. Stop swallowing my saliva too often and lick my teeth now and then (I am not joking! Unless someone can prove that it doesn't help of course!!!) I found out that saliva is able to gradually neutralise the acids in your mouth which can be damaging to your teeth. It can even cause dissolved minerals to return to the teeth and the teeth are able to start repairing themselves!

2. Brush my teeth after every meals. That means bringing my toothbrush set to school. Well you see, its not enough for the saliva to make the pH rise above critical pH as saliva is unable to penetrate plague which forms right after your meals. So it is extremely important to brush right after every meals to prevent the wee bacteria from having parties, feasting on YOUR TEETH. I recommend Systema toothbrush from Lion which has a patent for their SUPER-TAPERED SOFT AND SLIM BRISTLES. Its the best toothbrush I had so far. I feel extremely clean and comfortable after every use. Just compare the SUPER-TAPERED SOFT AND SLIM BRISTLES (right) with the bristles of a normal toothbrush (left). Just see how SUPER-TAPERED the bristles are. You practically can't see the bristles individually!!!! The price of the tooth brush is rather reasonable too. 3 for $6... reasonable right?

3. Floss my teeth at least once a day. I use to think that flossing is unnecessary and leaves small unslightly holes. And since my teeth look fabulous after braces, why would I want to make small holes between my teeth? BUT FLOSSING IS A MUST MUST MUST simply because it clears plague that even the SUPER-TAPERED SOFT AND SLIM BRISTLES can't reach. That is really important since having cavities at hard to reach places is even more serious than having cavities where the dentist can take action easily. My gum infection is the result of not flossing regularly enough. So flossing once a day is extremely important.

4. Rinising with an antiseptic mouthwash. This point is debatable. Some dentists say that it is important rinising as there are still bacteria in your mouth, like on your cheeks, gums, throat and tongue even after brushing and flossing. That explains why we all have bad breath when we wake up in the morning even though we brush and floss the night before. So its important to rinise to get rid of the bacteria and ensure that as little bacteria as possible actually bothers your teeth. On the other hand, other dentists say that by rinising too often, these bacteria actually get immuned to the mouthwash which can be disasterous. Furthermore, you are killing of all the good bacteria, called fora as well! Some dentists also say that strong antiseptic mouthwash also decreases the sensitivity of your tastebuds. So I am rinising with a gentle mouthwash once in two days in small amounts. Please advice if you know more about this!!

Me, with a beautiful set of teeth.

Thank you God!


Blogger su said...

OMG yvonne its been ages since i saw a photo of you!!!!

Sat Oct 11, 06:43:00 PM  
Anonymous deb said...

hahaha well done von i think at one point in time i did floss, for a few days.... and then i gave up. :/

Mon Oct 13, 11:13:00 AM  
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