Saturday, April 9

PFT results:
Sit ups-------------------36 Grade: A
Inclined pull ups---------19 Grade: A
Standing broad jump----191cm Grade: A
Sit and reach---------50.5cm Grade: A
Shuttle run------------11.3s Grade: B
2.4km--------------13:21mins Grade: A

Total score: 29 GOLD

oh gosh. to think the week before i was complaining when i did a mere 20 sit ups because the juices in my tummy were making gurgling sounds. or that i couldn't even do i proper IPU on the standard bars.

to think that i was so worried about even passing the damned thing.

Praise the Lord!!!


Anonymous deb said...

Hey.. congrats. i knew you could do it. :)

Sat Apr 09, 05:59:00 PM  

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