Saturday, January 17


I chucked out all 6 years worth of school notes, exercise books, books, letters from people whom I no longer remember and keep in touch, lousy pieces of my own artwork, odd keychains, autograph books, yellowed rough papers, etc, after I concluded that being overtly sentimental takes up far too much space for me to live properly in the present.

I might regret throwing out one or two items in 10 years time when I have a bigger place to store all my junk, but who knows? Maybe I might even forget what stuff I threw out during these few days of clearing. And for now its certainly rather gratifying to have space to think and breathe again and not trapping myself in the past for another couple of years.

Thank God.


Anonymous deb said...

well done! =D im still looking for the guts to do that. but i did throw out some stuff. i think i have to do it one step at a time..

Wed Jan 21, 05:03:00 PM  

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