Sunday, April 10

and another

I passed my PFT! that's definitely something to be grateful for... although I think I will re-take my 5 items so i can get my gold. wahahaha. :)

I'm grateful for being a church cleaner, because it gives me at least an hour's worth of exercise every week. not that I have an obsession with keeping fit now, but at least i know i won't be such a huge lump of potato anymore.

I'm also grateful that I have to do warden duty now... standing up for the whole mass makes it kinda impossible to sleep during the sermon. although that doesn't necessarily mean that i'm listening. :S

i also have something that makes everything bearable now. BUT IM NOT TELLING YOU WAHAH. :D

The ARC gathering on friday was really great... I had a lot of fun although I missed out on more than half of it. haha. but that was probably the most fun i had in a long time. since FRS maybe? haha i'm deprived. i will miss ARC so much... but for now I will just be grateful that I'm part of it. :)

I have to say, i have never been more grateful for God before. in my weakest moments... he pulled me through. thanks.

smiles make the world such a beautiful place. im grateful for them and i'm grateful i have an abundant supply of them, haha.

ok that's all for this week. :)


Blogger suhui said...

yeah i guess i will miss ARC too. don't think i could ever join another robotics team. :( but meanwhile, since this is a gratefulness blog, we can cherish what we have right now. :D

Fri Apr 15, 10:06:00 PM  

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