Thursday, July 14

i will try to do this without sounding too lesbianic

i thank you. for being there, to say things i could never throw out of my mouth myself. i thank you, for doing these things, because i will never have the courage to. i thank you, for saying these things that make me feel not too guilty about not doing something. i thank you, because you are not normal. and somewhere in the darkest recesses of my mind i feel normal comparative to you. then i thank you. for not suspecting these despicable things about me. and lastly, i thank you. for letting me love you in my own little way.

you don't know who you are. because there's something holding me back from revealing your name. nevertheless, to you i will always be grateful.

and i'm thankful for Mr Tan. i am. even if i'm too hypocritical to show it in class. (i'm not being sarcastic. don't eyeball me that way.)


Anonymous deb said...

that person is lucky to have a friend like you. :)

Fri Jul 22, 10:27:00 PM  

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