Friday, July 1


i am going to die.

i wish i didnt have to. 12 minutes from now it will be all over.

whys and hows arent important. but as i sit here exercising my finger muscles i just wish i could have cherished my friends a little more. i wish i had not wasted my breath on bad remarks, insults, grudges, anger, hate.

i wish i had tried harder. i wish i hadnt kept brooding so much, and i wish i had gone on with other things instead of letting past failures get in the way of new opportunities. i wish i had done so many things. i wish i hadnt done so many wrongs.

i wish i could have made more people smile, i wish i could have saved people from their burden. i wish i hadnt added more to their burden.

but most of all, i just wish i could see you, my friend, one more time, so i could tell you all these.


oh well. thankfully i still can.

i lied about dying.

but not about everything else.


Blogger suhui said...

ok deb. you scared me there. gotchme.

Mon Jul 04, 12:53:00 PM  

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