Sunday, April 24

seven more people

that i need to thank.

my dad - for being a role model. not that i ever hope to be a father. *cough* you know what i mean. thanks for showing perseverance; if you can be earning a living for a family of five while taking a course in university at the same time, i should be strong too. sorry. i know you wish i could be better. i will make you proud someday, i promise. i hope i will, anyway.

simren - for being a very nice partner.. haha. your bimbotic ways always make me laugh, hahahaha. thanks for teaching me maths & chem & stuff. i must be frustrating cos i complain that i dont understand and then i sleep in class. HAHAHA. anyway thanks girl. i still owe you a birthday present...

soefie - i dont know if you will ever come across this blog, but if you see this... thanks for talking to me the other day, it really made my day. DAMN i miss you SO MUCH. and all your long emails are so nice arhrahhhh... PHWOAR. thanks for being a good friend.. even though i havent seen you for ages and ages... sniff.

masty - for being a friend, a counselor, a walking encyclopedia... etc etc. I WILL SEND YOU A VERY LONG E-MAIL ONE OF THESE DAYS. you have been one of the best friends i have ever had... im sorry, every time you need me to comfort you i always end up complaining as well so you need to comfort me instead, haha. lets be miserable together. :) anyway thank you so much.

-- ok i realised i cant really think of three more people at the moment. i mean i can think of a MILLION other people but i dont know which three to choose, haha. so i will feature 3 THINGS instead.

the bird that flew in this morning - for giving me a bright start for the day. its hard to be happy in the morning. so thanks. i wish i could have taken a picture of you. :(

my guitar - for being gorgeous. (haha.)

the feng shui detective's casebook (a novel by nury vittachi) - for the valuable lessons on life. confucius is really a pretty smart guy.


Blogger suhui said...

my guitar's gorgeousness is being hidden by the casing because i am to broke to buy a stand and my brother is too clumsy for me to put my guitar anywhere except the secluded corner of my room...:(

Mon Apr 25, 02:57:00 PM  
Anonymous deb said...

hahah i leave mine in the case too most of the time. but if i kinda lay it down on my bed in a nice position it looks quite sexy. HAHA. (that sounded wrong.)

Mon Apr 25, 09:08:00 PM  

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