Sunday, April 17

because you live...

...i live.

today i will be acknowledging seven out of the people that mean the world to me.

novita - for 'forcing' me to join ARC. and thanks for being there, for not doing your malay compos (haha), and for making me miss Indonesia each and every day. if not for her i would have turned singaporean without meaning to. (not that its a very bad thing, but im talking about losing my identity...yeap.)

suhui - for making me laugh in the morning, especially when my morning is extremely bad (which happens almost everyday). thanks. tell me more stories about mr wee, haha.

denise - for being so open, ready to talk & speculate about anything... hahaha. im very sorry i get really pissed at you sometimes. i dont mean what i say, ok. just remember that.

yvonne - for being real. you have taught me a lot.

mr tan - for doing so much, too much, for ARC and 4/2.. you certainly made my experience at IJ an unforgettable one. thanks for doing a lot more than a regular teacher would have done. sorry that our class has hurt you so much... but there are some who still believe in you.

my mother - for putting up with all my crap, for letting me vent all my anger at home to the point where you think i should see a psychiatrist. im so sorry i cant be what you hoped i would turn out to be. im selfish, i know. im sorry.

jesus - for always being my friend. you ran with me, you walked with me, you fell down with me, but you picked me up. you carried me when i wanted to just be left behind and forgotten. i will never stop being grateful to you, for you. thank you. so much.

will be featuring another seven next week, stay tuned.


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