Tuesday, June 7

you people help me find my way to carry on again.

you might not have noticed the look in my eyes. but you have been a big part of me. a big help. a big support. a great friend. and thus i shall be eternally grateful to God for letting me know you. and eternally grateful to you for letting me lean on you.

sometimes we don't want to lean on others, we want to suffer on our own, not wanting to rub our dirt on others. but we never realise there are people who would rather be our pillars and support us, getting dirty from us, than to see us suffer alone. i wish i could tell you that. i do. but it will be weird.

and i will be your pillar, anytime, anywhere.

just like i know you will be mine.

what's it called? oh yes, friends

that mutual understanding, love

it's like we never have a deep conversation face to face. but we know we're right beside each other. such a strong feeling, such a scary feeling.

but i don't ever want you to pull away and back off. please don't and i won't either.

i will not reject you. trust me.

we don't have to see each other everyday to know there's someone praying for you, caring for you, loving you.

and after we all leave, we won't just be memories. i promise. whenever that feeling comes just pick up the phone and call. i will be there. i want to be there.

i love you because we are friends.

yes. you.


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