Tuesday, May 10

so it goes

this week, or rather last week (couldnt post on sunday due to physics exam) i just have to acknowledge several people/things:

novita, briana, matilda & elizabeth - for the study sessions

the old woman at the minimart - for telling me how to make fried bananas look nicer. i really didnt need to know that, but thanks for being friendly anyway.

mr francis - for smiling back when i waved at you, so i didnt feel too much like an idiot.

the security guard - for the food on saturday. the coconut gave me diarrhoea a few hours later, so i must warn you that the OM must be plotting something, so watch out.

my mother&father - for teaching me on electricity & electromagnetic induction etc etc the night before the physics exam. if it werent for that last-minute explanation i still wouldnt know the difference between potential difference and electric current.

actually, come to think of it, i still don't.

gloria - for lending me your umbrella that day, although the flower pattern is a little disgusting.

novita & anne marie - for talking about Where To Go Next Year, and all the discussion about NJRC, that was fun.

my brother - for being too stupid and afraid to sleep in your own room and needing me to sleep there so the monster wont come out and eat you. i secretly wish it would. but thanks for making me feel needed, even if its for something this trivial.


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