Tuesday, May 10

The Little Things

sometimes all that really matters are the little things,

1. the nods and smiles in the morning

2. the wave goodbye after school

3. the company in washing the fans

4. the little forwarded messages

5. the swack

6. the phonecalls

7. the hugs

8. the kisses

9. the sharing of your innermost

10. just being there, visible for everyone to see. especially me.

i'm grateful to everyone (i'm not being vague. i'm being inclusive. really. everyone) for just being normal/abnormal. being yourself.



Anonymous deb said...

oh yes. happy little things. :D dont forget the lame jokes. wahahaha.

Tue May 10, 11:50:00 AM  
Blogger suhui said...

oh yes how could i have forgotten. those crippled things that keep me awake during class.

thanks to muah chee and char siew bao

thanks deb, zeki, geki, savie and all other suppliers of lame jokes :D

Fri May 13, 11:07:00 PM  

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