Sunday, June 5

hellos? are you guys dead or something? everyone is disgustingly depressed these days. Like oh damn. what are YOU sad about, paris hilton? depressed shits... i'm drowning in my own blood. HELP.


but on the lighter side of things, i'm thankful that su hui managed to persuade me to stay for the 2nd night of the chalet though i was pretty sure another night of MET's snoring symphony would instantly drive me nuts.

A Sound of Thunder. Yep. That is very apt for MET's earth trembling snores.

Let me describe what it was like on the first night of the chalet:

10 odd people were squashed into a tiny chalet room out of which, one of the members is exceeding, huge, or rather, LONG. Me, being one of the most experienced camper in the room, chose the best position in the room which was right under the air con and next to a bed, which means the space that i have is just nice for a person to sleep in it, but absolutely too small for another to squeeze in.

see the picture above? the long blue line represents our dear MET and the red line is of course me. So basically i had the best sleeping place in the room except that MET chose to sleep there.


It was less than hour before he started MAKING A DIN. i was like WTF? and squinted in the dark to see where did the horrible noise came from. And LO AND BEHOLD. i looked at MET in the dark just in time to see him make a rapid of SNORTS and other sounds in random.

at that point in time i nearly poked him, but you never know what is one like when he is poked awake. so i decided against it and went back to sleep.

it was impossible. i swear it was so loud that if the room was empty, the floor would vibrate with his snores.

i got up several times and dug my nails into Samantha's (one of the black lines) jacket and picture myself shoving it up his mouth. i stopped myself in time when i heard giggles across the room.

"CAN'T WE THROW HIM OUT OF THE ROOM?" i asked in exsaperation. More giggles.

I rolled back in bed and wrapped the jacket round my head and fumed. The snoring stopped.

I was about to sleep when MET decided to let out another series of snorts.

This time, the room went havoc. People sniggered loudly as I clucked my tongue disapprovingly and Miss Yap told us to "Close your eyes and sleep."

"Good mah. Then we should have a snoring symphony or something."
[rolls eyes, laughing]
"Should have woke me up mah... Can die one leh."
"When you snore it means that your breathing passage is obstructed.."

I walked away quickly cursing myself for not being rational enough to wake my math teacher and give him my sleeping bag as a pillow to stop him from snoring.

Afterall, I don't think the bag served its purpose anyway. (I didn't really slept that night.) Sigh.


Naturally, I'm grateful for having fun with my friends though there was a really scary encounter while I was busy telling ghost stories to my mates.

[extracted from ah mei's blog]

we (me yvonne cheng chun angie and adeline) were sitting at a table...
me and yvonne were sitting on the same bench then.. ah mei felt some one kicking my the bench. so she asked, "yvonne, are you shaking the bench? ( looks under the table) [no one was moving please!]

And I replied "no" in an irritable tone. This time, both of us were looking under the table then suddenly came a "knock knock knock" like vibration on the bench then..AHHHHHHH
we ran away.

I think we must have screamed pretty loud, because the next thing I knew, one of my mates teared (whether its because of the shock from the ghost stories, or the scream from powerhouse ah mei, its never known). A few seconds later, several people looked out from their windows.

Again, MET saved the day by telling us the scientific reasons for the knocking.

I'm not typing it here, cause there are a million and one reasons for the scary encounter.

And boy. Didn't I had fun screaming with my friends.


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