Sunday, March 27

seven days

mon They found her.
tue She came home.
wed There was no extra a maths class (i.e. brain took a break).
thu The pastamania lunch and movie made my day.
fri Jesus saved us.
sat The sofa was there to break his fall.
sun I was taught to bring joy to others.

...and for all these things, I am grateful.


p.s. sorry for being so vague, but some things are hard to elaborate. Happy Easter everyone. :)


  • I am grateful that I survived my illness and I didn't become the super spreader of the household.
  • I am grateful for Kelsey, Laura, Nicholas, William as they make the acronym AEP less intimidating.
  • I am grateful that I learnt 2 new piano pieces this week. [Forbidden Love and A Thousand Miles]
  • I am grateful for the robins
  • I am grateful for being grateful.

man. this is tiring. its hard not being my cynical self.

Saturday, March 26

suhui's gratefulness

this week i am grateful mainly for one big thing: all the friends in my life that care for me oh so much. to know i have someone to lean on all the time (but not squash, don't worry) gives me strength and lifts me up from where i am. no, i think life would pretty much suck without all of my friends. and by friends please, i don't mean friends i do stuff with. sometimes we don't even have to say anything. we don't even have to do anything. we may not know what the hell is going on in each other's mind, but we know we always have a space there.

quite a shock, really, that somebody can mean so much to me, and i can mean so much to them. even if it just a little bit, even if we share only a small part of each other's life. i am grateful. of all the billions and billions of people in my life i just happened to know these really cool individuals, each brightening my day in different ways. to know that if i'm acting weird there'd be someone worrying, is exceptionally heartwarming. and they don't even expect anything in return.

yup, so after we move on, after our impressions of each other fade away, i will recall all these people one by one, and slowly thank God for them. even if they don't remember me. funny how sometimes you do some small things that mean so much to others. these people have done so many small things already.

so for this week alone, thanks for being my friend!