Sunday, November 15

Strepsils and Danzens.. new best friends. :) oh and countless cups of warm tea. cured me of my sore throat and almost-illness, what with the weather like this and me getting caught in the rain even when i have my umbrella (i don't get it either). i'm fine as dandy now, thankfully, and hope to keep it that way till horrible exams end.

Wednesday, November 4

My name is Apple

Recently I went to Lynette's house and got the taste of being a designer. No don't tell me that this is not my first. Because at AEP all my designs were "crap" by his standards (and mine too, honestly. its just that I like to put the blame on Mr Tan :o)

It was quite fun because I got to pick and choose the beads that I want while Lynette did all the stringing them together. It felt like I got the satisfaction of seeing my designs materialise infront of me within 10 minutes

Lynette was a little horrified that I decided to make one of each only, meaning that the pair of earrings you see on the picture are actually a pair together.

But thats the point isn't it? It being different...

Debby, get your ears pierced!