Sunday, February 12

just wanted to say

thank you:

1. God. for everything.

2. MET. for ARC, for being patient/tolerant whenever I do stupid things, for being lame, for being the best form teacher, for being the best maths teacher (i stick by the fact that my jc maths tutor SUCKS), for being an amazing teacher/mentor/guide/etc that I have come to respect and love. (not in that way)

3. Mrs Low. for all your time and dedication, for your ability to push me to work harder even when I don't have the slightest confidence in writing a 10-page essay.

4. Ms Jo Teo. for Pride and Prejudice, which in turn got me to read books (other than Harry Potter) again.

5. DJs Sebastian, Jeremy Ratnam, Juliet, Maggie & Joe Augustine, for accompanying me through those hellish mugging days. hope to hear from you guys again at A levels.

6. 4/2. for being the best class I've ever been in, for all your support, for all the fun joy and laughter in 2005 (and beyond).

7. brudders. for teaching me physics/chem, for memorising SS together, for reading out loud from View, for the lameness & retardedness which kept and will always keep me sane. all in favour of mahjong nights say aye!

Saturday, February 11

Where do I start?

these are only a fraction of the things i am thankful for.

1. my results and whatever trouble anyone went through just so i could have them and be high the whole day.

2. my brudders as usual for sharing the day with me

3. Yvonne, who gets one whole bullet point for herself.

4. Mrs Low, even though she told me to jumo down from the sixth storey. (the surefire way to get rid of fear-of-height problems because when you die you can't be scared)

5. and Mr Tan, who was all cool and calm like he was a total stranger who just happened to pass by and i tapped him on the shoulder and told him about the results. way to go.

you know why people say "don't be a stranger"?

i don't either. actually.

nevertheless, don't be one.