Saturday, July 22

Not just 7 minutes

perhaps the whole movie + dinner at BK.

happiness is being with friends that love and care for you. :)

Thursday, July 6

that church day


thanks a lot for joining for church on saturday. and spending a whole day studying with me :P. it really meant a lot to me, and i had a great time. :) the church visit made me feel right again, somehow, even though I remember very little about the message (save the funny part). Most importantly, i asked you guys to come and you did: you were there for me.

"loneliness is the inability to tell someone you've had a bad/good day" --I'm so glad i had the both of you on Saturday!

ok. so thank you, and you.

Saturday, July 1


thank you to God and whoever else is responsible for bringing the world together, away from war and strife, every 4 years.. just to watch 22 people on a patch of grass kicking a ball around and trying to get it into a net.

I mean, don't you think it's kind of beautiful the way people look at Germany as simply a thrilling team to watch rather than ex-war dictators. or how the USA is no longer a superpower because (truthfully) they just suck. it's as though the world has stopped moving just for this one incredible game called football.

what's politics? terrorism? power? ..but football I can understand. (well, except maybe the ever-dubious offside rule.) if only everything can be made this simple.