Tuesday, November 14

OK my turn to say something abt Sat.


To make up for lost time with God, however, because of The Lakehouse, I shall be going on Wed. before my trip. I think it will be good to devote the trip to God so I can make it good, and survive the "million star hotel" (which actually refers to the million stars in the sky if you step outdoors. very very different from 5 or 6 star hotel).

Sunday, November 12

Thank God

Thank God that my best friends are not idiots even when they are being idiotic.

Saturday, November 11

really great day!

thanks you two, and Denise, for the awesome time today. :) should do this more often. :D

Wednesday, November 1

The job with no thanks.

Sometimes I wonder if I am too harsh on myself. The kinds of things I think to make myself feel bad, really makes me feel bad (both sides, the side that is scolding and the side that is being scolded).

Then I see the email. I got into the Model United Nations.

Then I see the progress report. Imagine 100th percentile for GP, Lit and History (OK history was a farce, because EVERYONE is bad at histor, so I am a small fish in a very small pond). That's being scary, and being a total freak, but because there's a book voucher (hopefully) I'm not complaining.

Then I decide I probably should be hard on myself. I become thankful towards myself, if that is even possible.