Monday, August 13

this is going to sound very cliche but

seeing this blog brings a smile to my face. =D

just a thought: it feels kind of sad when you miss someone, like your friends, but I guess I feel lucky enough that I have friends to miss... it means the friendship must have been pretty meaningful.

and I have to say, I will miss the 2 of you a lot, if/when we go our separate ways. A LOTTT. really.


"You're coming back, old man. Damn it! What on earth should I do without you?"

'But you're still alive--with a straight fighting chance of coming through. Take the chance, old chap, and stand in with Osborne and Trotter and Raleigh. Don't you think it worth standing in with men like that?'

Journey's End, RC Sherriff

Today I'm grateful I've got the 2 of you to stand in with me. :D

Tuesday, August 7


it has always struck me as something weird that people feel alienated from this country. I mean, can't you hear the city coming alive? Sure, it's all construction and development now, but things are majorly happening here and now!

is it possible that they don't see it? they would rather participate in someone else's party than the one back here, where all the friends and families are. but there's no place that wants you more than home.