Sunday, November 27

I haven't wrote in this blog for a while, but not for lack of things to be thankful of. For one, it's been a relatively smooth transition back to Singapore from London over the past few months, and judging from the mess I've made from the desk of my room, I would say I've probably settled in, although the penny only dropped a while after.

A lot of things that I was uncertain about in the months leading up to the move, especially those pertaining to my near future were in flux. And now, lot's of things have come together in a rather pleasant way - a way in which I can look forward to.

More than anything, the feeling of new-ness and familiarity is most comforting. And for every new friend (like this cat from downstairs) I have many more things that I hold still in my heart from London. I suppose, and much to my relief, that a lot of the things I was worried about, such as losing my friends, the things I loved to do, and myself in the process were unfounded.