Sunday, December 28

i'm very thankful that we three share this blog, which is increasingly becoming a cherished shared space for things and people and places and stuff like that. It's like having a conversation that is not long and intense, but a prolonged and constant one.

my sentences are very long and convoluted today. strange.

Wednesday, December 17

What do I hate?

I hate it when people quote me.

I hate it when people don't quote me out of context.

I hate it when people quote the most stupid things I ever said in the past 6 years online.

Now all my blogs are deleted leaving this and with one harmless entry on it.


Deb, Su, can you guys do something about the template? I screwed something up.

Wednesday, December 3

Thank God for Jeremy

I don't know if I've told the two of you about Jeremy, this poet and writer I have recently become friends with. We met first when I walked into a bookstore he was manning, and then again at the bookstore where I went to visit him. Then I (tried to) attend his poetry reading and even though I was late, he forgave me. We talk about everything including coloured rain and buying land on the moon. He sent me this beautiful text message today that said

You know I treasure each moment with you. Let's try for Thursday. Don't work to hard. You are beautiful. X

In this message is a heart so simple and so pure that gives and gives and gives to people around it, and reading it at this time, when I was just feeling slightly frazzled over my (somewhat nonexistent) long distance relationship just gave me the energy that I needed to continue loving others again.

He also said to me

When we love someone we want them to be free.

Jeremy is the meaning of unconditional love.