Tuesday, September 12


I am not grateful for PW.
Its worse than all AEP projects combined together!

I am just grateful that everyone else is in this shit together with me.


Sunday, September 10

great holiday!

i think i've had more of a holiday than most other people, so im kind of grateful. i mean, i guess im a bit worried that i havent started studying properly yet, but on the other hand, i really enjoyed my holiday. :D

so just wanna thank:

my brudders! i really enjoyed njrc + study sessions with you all.
(i realise that i have put 'enjoyed' and 'study' in one sentence. but thats the kind of thing only brudders can achieve :P)

my econs class! for the greatt bball game after class.

my PW group! for making today's meeting bearable. and putting up with me. haa

my juniors! for doing a great job and doing IJ proud.

God! for all the blessings as well as the trials.

Sunday, September 3

Blessed week

Despite the emo nonsense, i still had a very blessed week.

so thanks everyone for making my week fantastic. Of course these people would have to include my beloved brudders, my family and juniors frm IJ, classmates in A8 (that's all you 25 people) and of course, other friends and random others.