Friday, May 27



where have you people been? nothing to be grateful about????? you ought to be ashamed of yourselves! tsk tsk tsk.

okay just kidding. its like calling the kettle black. (im so not black ok.)

anyway Im so friggin happy because i finally reached self actualisation.


its a bit slow, but im certainly enlightened now thanks to you-know-who and you-know-who.

yvonne is a totally changed person!

yes, i am smart! i'm able to think on my feet quickly, give public speeches as and when im prompted and present rational arguements without even taking a long time.

i possess wit and humour and these powerful elements are more often than not, easily executed in a graceful manner without sounding too ludicrous or low class.

i am capable of comforting my friend in the most practical yet not too harshly and matter-of-factly.

even when im stupid on certain days, im not as stupid as stupid people are on their stupid days.

i happen to be philosophical in a sensible way which does not put people off, except (Mary Chang who goes "YVONNE YOU ARE THINKING TOO MUCH")

last but not least. i understand and see the beauty of cliches.

im grateful for my wonderful mind, O Lord.

Sunday, May 15


okay i admit i just being an ungrateful brute for not updating here for so long and complaining non stop at the other blog.


its hard being grateful when you just have nothing to be grateful about. but then again im being irrational and i know it.


im very grateful that i managed my first utterance of tongues. yay!
im very grateful that the guy who wants to screw me can't speak proper English. Yay!
im very grateful that i didn't make a fool of myself (okay actually i did, but it didn't turn out too badly) yesterday at the NYJC exhibiton.
im very grateful that im not a lesbian. (the nickname on msn was done in pure spite)
im very grateful that michelle branch is six months pregnant. double yay!

i know myself too well. huh?

Tuesday, May 10

so it goes

this week, or rather last week (couldnt post on sunday due to physics exam) i just have to acknowledge several people/things:

novita, briana, matilda & elizabeth - for the study sessions

the old woman at the minimart - for telling me how to make fried bananas look nicer. i really didnt need to know that, but thanks for being friendly anyway.

mr francis - for smiling back when i waved at you, so i didnt feel too much like an idiot.

the security guard - for the food on saturday. the coconut gave me diarrhoea a few hours later, so i must warn you that the OM must be plotting something, so watch out.

my mother&father - for teaching me on electricity & electromagnetic induction etc etc the night before the physics exam. if it werent for that last-minute explanation i still wouldnt know the difference between potential difference and electric current.

actually, come to think of it, i still don't.

gloria - for lending me your umbrella that day, although the flower pattern is a little disgusting.

novita & anne marie - for talking about Where To Go Next Year, and all the discussion about NJRC, that was fun.

my brother - for being too stupid and afraid to sleep in your own room and needing me to sleep there so the monster wont come out and eat you. i secretly wish it would. but thanks for making me feel needed, even if its for something this trivial.

The Little Things

sometimes all that really matters are the little things,

1. the nods and smiles in the morning

2. the wave goodbye after school

3. the company in washing the fans

4. the little forwarded messages

5. the swack

6. the phonecalls

7. the hugs

8. the kisses

9. the sharing of your innermost

10. just being there, visible for everyone to see. especially me.

i'm grateful to everyone (i'm not being vague. i'm being inclusive. really. everyone) for just being normal/abnormal. being yourself.