Wednesday, January 27

Lilies of the fields

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I still haven't got anything new to wear.

Why? Because my wardrobeS are bursting at their seams.
Why? Because i've got too much clothes in all wardrobeS.
Why? Because i bought too many in the past.
Why? Because i thought that when i look good, i'd have more friends.
Why? Because i'm superficial too. Sigh.

I know I should give them away. But i've got a feeling that the Hati people won't get any of my clothes somehow.

However, if a stranger comes and knock on my door and needs my clothes, I'd give a lot of my stuff to him/her including my favourite dress (if its a her) from Lynette which i haven't worn yet.

Okay the point is.

I am blessed with many clothings.
Now I it is my turn to become a blessing by giving up some of them.

Monday, January 4

Happy New Year! (2010)

To my surprise (I began this year almost in pieces I think, trying to make sense of the potential expanse of time before me) this year has worked out a-ok!

to quote emily from A Softer World,
"For every unwanted pregnancy there was a fortuitous tumble down the stairs, and for every human trafficking police sting operation there was an incompetent handling of the evidence!"

Which only serves to remind us that things work out, either because we are God's sims or because sooner or later we learn to deal with our new unexpected outcomes and move on or make lemonade.

I'm so thankful that I got to meet up with you guys this year. Sometimes I think you're the reason I'm still sane (Or am i?).

So Happy New Year the two of you. And here's to more lemonade.