Sunday, April 24

seven more people

that i need to thank.

my dad - for being a role model. not that i ever hope to be a father. *cough* you know what i mean. thanks for showing perseverance; if you can be earning a living for a family of five while taking a course in university at the same time, i should be strong too. sorry. i know you wish i could be better. i will make you proud someday, i promise. i hope i will, anyway.

simren - for being a very nice partner.. haha. your bimbotic ways always make me laugh, hahahaha. thanks for teaching me maths & chem & stuff. i must be frustrating cos i complain that i dont understand and then i sleep in class. HAHAHA. anyway thanks girl. i still owe you a birthday present...

soefie - i dont know if you will ever come across this blog, but if you see this... thanks for talking to me the other day, it really made my day. DAMN i miss you SO MUCH. and all your long emails are so nice arhrahhhh... PHWOAR. thanks for being a good friend.. even though i havent seen you for ages and ages... sniff.

masty - for being a friend, a counselor, a walking encyclopedia... etc etc. I WILL SEND YOU A VERY LONG E-MAIL ONE OF THESE DAYS. you have been one of the best friends i have ever had... im sorry, every time you need me to comfort you i always end up complaining as well so you need to comfort me instead, haha. lets be miserable together. :) anyway thank you so much.

-- ok i realised i cant really think of three more people at the moment. i mean i can think of a MILLION other people but i dont know which three to choose, haha. so i will feature 3 THINGS instead.

the bird that flew in this morning - for giving me a bright start for the day. its hard to be happy in the morning. so thanks. i wish i could have taken a picture of you. :(

my guitar - for being gorgeous. (haha.)

the feng shui detective's casebook (a novel by nury vittachi) - for the valuable lessons on life. confucius is really a pretty smart guy.

Friday, April 22

oh did i tell you?

oh. did i tell you?
i've got a long appraisal.

oh. did i tell you?
15 people came up to me to tell me that my new pink specs are lovely.

oh. did i tell you?
i somehow resemble everyone's younger sister. (natasha quek 8th [now in cjc doing fine] person who addressed me as mei mei.) (i dunno if thats a good thing if ahemahem the sister is annoying, but then again, whatever.)

oh. did i tell you?
i'm actually pretty wanted in this world.

oh. did i tell you?
i've got so much to lose that i have to be thankful for that, whether i like it or not.

Sunday, April 17

because you live...

...i live.

today i will be acknowledging seven out of the people that mean the world to me.

novita - for 'forcing' me to join ARC. and thanks for being there, for not doing your malay compos (haha), and for making me miss Indonesia each and every day. if not for her i would have turned singaporean without meaning to. (not that its a very bad thing, but im talking about losing my identity...yeap.)

suhui - for making me laugh in the morning, especially when my morning is extremely bad (which happens almost everyday). thanks. tell me more stories about mr wee, haha.

denise - for being so open, ready to talk & speculate about anything... hahaha. im very sorry i get really pissed at you sometimes. i dont mean what i say, ok. just remember that.

yvonne - for being real. you have taught me a lot.

mr tan - for doing so much, too much, for ARC and 4/2.. you certainly made my experience at IJ an unforgettable one. thanks for doing a lot more than a regular teacher would have done. sorry that our class has hurt you so much... but there are some who still believe in you.

my mother - for putting up with all my crap, for letting me vent all my anger at home to the point where you think i should see a psychiatrist. im so sorry i cant be what you hoped i would turn out to be. im selfish, i know. im sorry.

jesus - for always being my friend. you ran with me, you walked with me, you fell down with me, but you picked me up. you carried me when i wanted to just be left behind and forgotten. i will never stop being grateful to you, for you. thank you. so much.

will be featuring another seven next week, stay tuned.

Friday, April 15

This week alone.
I'm thankful that ah ma is safe and sound.

sa yang!!!

Thursday, April 14

gratefulness in a piece of pie

no i'm not grateful for food. well, i am, but that was not the intended topic of the week. not that i've not been eating gratitude-worthy food. I am thankful for the fact i have food to eat.
there, that's one.

1. Food

actually what i wanted to say was that I was grateful for Anne Rice. but knowing me. so damn longwinded. i have to write something. to justify my gratefulness. so i won't forget why i was grateful for her.

2. Anne Rice
For depicting such mistifying beauty in permutations and combinations of just 26 different squggly lines. amazing woman.

3. Nury Vittachi
For depicting Singapore as it really is, well, in the eyes of a Hong Konger, and not like our propoganda Social studies textbook.

4. the health of my left knee
and at the same time i pray for the speedy recovery of clarissa's left knee.

5. grandparents
i will always love that smell. that coming home smell. and yes, at the same time pray for yvonne's grandmother (yvonne don't worry she will be okay, okay?)

6. Fruits Basket
For reminding me that for every antagonist one has, one has another angel, watching over you. (Right out the mouth of Shigure)

7. and finally for all the people around me.
for not making me the loner i probably would be in JC. or poly. or ITE. or the long kang.

if i could just add one more:
who hasn't given up on me yet. even though i keep procrastinating like the o's are in ten years.

God hasn' stopped motivating me yet.

crap i better start work soon.

Sunday, April 10

and another

I passed my PFT! that's definitely something to be grateful for... although I think I will re-take my 5 items so i can get my gold. wahahaha. :)

I'm grateful for being a church cleaner, because it gives me at least an hour's worth of exercise every week. not that I have an obsession with keeping fit now, but at least i know i won't be such a huge lump of potato anymore.

I'm also grateful that I have to do warden duty now... standing up for the whole mass makes it kinda impossible to sleep during the sermon. although that doesn't necessarily mean that i'm listening. :S

i also have something that makes everything bearable now. BUT IM NOT TELLING YOU WAHAH. :D

The ARC gathering on friday was really great... I had a lot of fun although I missed out on more than half of it. haha. but that was probably the most fun i had in a long time. since FRS maybe? haha i'm deprived. i will miss ARC so much... but for now I will just be grateful that I'm part of it. :)

I have to say, i have never been more grateful for God before. in my weakest moments... he pulled me through. thanks.

smiles make the world such a beautiful place. im grateful for them and i'm grateful i have an abundant supply of them, haha.

ok that's all for this week. :)

Saturday, April 9

PFT results:
Sit ups-------------------36 Grade: A
Inclined pull ups---------19 Grade: A
Standing broad jump----191cm Grade: A
Sit and reach---------50.5cm Grade: A
Shuttle run------------11.3s Grade: B
2.4km--------------13:21mins Grade: A

Total score: 29 GOLD

oh gosh. to think the week before i was complaining when i did a mere 20 sit ups because the juices in my tummy were making gurgling sounds. or that i couldn't even do i proper IPU on the standard bars.

to think that i was so worried about even passing the damned thing.

Praise the Lord!!!
10 reasons why Life sucks:
  1. Prince Charming might be a thalassemia minor too.
  2. You happen to be the most enthusiastic person in school when the teachers ask for volunteers to be buskers, until you realise you have absolutely no talents of any sort.
  3. Your math teacher found out that you are mentally unstable.
  4. Your classmates found out that the teacher is quite right.
  5. With your current results, you got a nasty feeling that ITE might not have a space for you.
  6. The class depends on you to clean the whiteboard, remind/switch off/on the lights during chinese class, pull down the screen and set up the OHP. (and when you don't they wonder why. like hello. im very comfortable not moving too thank you very much)
  7. Your sister claims that you resemble Ken Lim. [Photo]
  8. You found out that your art teacher actually feels terrible about what is happening to the class and you got the all-too-familar feeling of gulit.
  9. You argue with the person behind you almost everyday whether Ryan Seacrest suck. (no, actually I enjoy these kind of "small talk" with mavis. LOL)
  10. You just suck.

2 reasons why Life still rocks:
  1. Things that can be changed, can be changed.
  2. Things that can't be change, will still change one day. (for the better or for the worse, you should know.)

Sunday, April 3

another seven

First of all I am grateful for the Pope who had been with us for 20+ years. He is a real inspiration. If only he could have fixed the barrier between Catholic and non-Catholic Christian churches though.

I'm grateful for my class, teachers, and practically the whole school for constantly reminding me that mid years are only about 3 weeks away. haha i'm not trying to be sarcastic, it really helps to push me along sometimes.

I'm grateful for my grandmother for just being there.

I'm grateful for my brother because he is living proof that however bad the situation is, there is always someone stupider than me.

I'm grateful for Denise and her constant attempts to annoy me, because even though I will never say it to her face, her pointing out of all the Brother advertisements in Singapore kinda cheers me up sometimes. (...only sometimes. the other times..)

I'm grateful for just being able to wake up everyday. Life is really wonderful. :) I guess I must always remember this before I let myself get worked up over little things, or get annoyed, etc etc.

Last but definitely not least I am very very grateful for all my friends who have been putting up with me for so long. I know I can be unbearable sometimes, haha. But thanks for sticking by me anyway, and giving me another chance everyday. I screw up a lot, I wish I don't, but just remember that for every wrong thing I do to you I feel the guilt and regret at the end of the day, everyday. I try not to make mistakes again, cos I know it must be tiring to keep on forgiving, but I hope I will always get a second chance. :S

Yup. that's all for last week. (I have a good reason for posting this late!)

Friday, April 1

  1. Thank God that I'm not subjected to honour killings. (Mum ain't gonna kill if she finds out that I've got a unnatural predilection for Spongebob or Vincent van Gogh for that matter)

  2. Nor circumcision rituals. (ew ew ew)

  3. The trees outside the classrooms are beginning to resemble those in Narnia. Nice.

  4. Freda ain't a bra burning feminist.

  5. I hadn't been caught by Petrina when I ate several pieces of chocolates during lesson time.
  6. While being blunt is my greatest flaw it doesn't seem too fatal these days.

  7. My friends remember the debts they owe me, but forget the debts I owe them easily.

  8. Mrs Selvam decides to pass a mysterious CCA workload to Steffi instead of me. (I think my oh-mrs-selvam-please-not-me expression helped.)

  9. Thank God He does not answer all my prayers. I wish I may I wish I might I wish on the brightest star Tonight that Mr W. Tan will vanish from my sight!

  10. I'm enjoying every bit of my AEP O level project [chinese + me]. Though I can't stand Mr Tan gushing at the crap I'm doing.
  11. Kelsey forgotten to blow into my ears as a form of greeting this week.

happy happy happy! Last but not least, WE WON THE NOVELTY RACE DURING SPORTS DAY!