Sunday, September 19

Zhong Guo!

Even though things did get lonely at times, Shanghai was a blast and I met some wonderful people who treated me as their own. I also got to see my parents, and got to be a kid again for a few days, and also everyone that I cared about sent me some awesome birthday wishes via phone, email, facebook (even though I couldn't see them) and msn. So I'm thankful for my six weeks in Shanghai, and wouldn't give it up for anything. There are many things in Shanghai that I am thankful for, but will post them separately because I have been neglecting this blog.

sorry to bury your post deb. but im jealous about your biking because i'm packing my room :(

Thursday, September 16

3 hours (and a bit more!) of happiness

met up with Schezn, a good friend from JC, yesterday and we randomly decided to go cycling. we had lunch first at Soup Spoon where I managed to get my LAST 2 STAMPS and therefore redeem my FREE GRANDE BOWL OF SOUP, and FREE DRINK... :D and when we went to East Coast the uncle at the bicycle rental gave us 2 hours free which meant $6 for 3 hours!!

...and since we got the bikes for 3 hours we adventurously (and/or stupidly) decided to try cycling to Changi, and we literally had to RACE non-stop towards the end on the way back because we were going to be late (we were 20 mins late anyway, in the end). but it was SO AWESOME and the uncle didn't charge us extra HAHA.

and i kept falling down and making a fool of myself but it was so fun i wouldn't have wanted to spend the afternoon any other way :D