Monday, October 23

Church Saturday

Me: "This is the first time I noticed people praying to the fountain."
Deb: "They're praying to the statue (of Mary)"
Me: "Oh. Makes sense."

Church was good. When I went to church on Saturday it felt good because it felt like I was returning home, and like I was forgiven for all my bad thoughts these months, and the thought that God knows what's going on in my head and heart without me trying to put it into words eases me. There is a peace very deep inside, and from it stems happiness. Plus, it also feels good to see a big crowd going to church, because you know there are people who care about others, and the people they love, and sharing the love. Just like God. There is hope yet, isn't there? :D

So there are things I am thankful for, besides the Love of God as usual.
1. Church mass
2. Novita and Debby for company
3. Congregation

Thursday, October 5

I'm thankful for this blog!


cos even if i haven't talked to them for a long time, and even if i haven't seen them for a long time, just seeing the posts on this blog makes me feel like I'm somehow still connected to these two people who are so special to me. :)

Tuesday, October 3

Not just seven minutes

I am thankful for the Internet.

because I don't have to die waiting to find out what happens in Grey's Anatomy.

Fine. I'm a spoiler junkie

Sunday, October 1

Short but happy day.

This is going to be one of the rare times that I actually blog about my day. So here goes:

Yesterday was totally wacked.

I woke up at 12 plus with only two things to be done for the day:

1.Buy decadry from artfriend (you know those sticky letters on your files that I gave you guys? i am running low on the letter "a", "c" and "e")
2. Cut my hair, though I have no clue what hairstyle I want this time.

Ate my breakfast, washed up and went back to sleep until 6.


I guess the weather was very good for sleeping. It was raining all of yesterday and the sky was forever grey. Makes good artifical kind of condition for sleeping - y'know. slightly dark and cooling.

When I woke up I started playing orisinal and got a high score for the game midnight serenade.

Its kinda ironic because the main aim of the game is to collect the roses that your lover throws at you while dodging flying items like newspapers and glass bottles from your lover's neighbours.

Guess why the neighbours are throwing stuff: I am singing to my lover in the middle of the night.


[I will upload the pictures soon.]

Then after that I started watching Jewel in the Palace.

This is like the 3rd unofficial time that I am watching the korean drama. I am really attracted to the show. Gives you a fuzzy feeling that somehow no matter how disadvantaged you are for being good, or how much you lose in the process, you will always gain something in return.

Then after a shower, I watched Mean Girls and had a good time learning more about my own gender.

Then I went to sleep.

What a day.